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Since 1983, Architects 49 was established by Nithi Sthapitanonda with various architectural service including 'private residential design' which progressed and grew together with company's success.

From the ardent love in house design of the founder and the team together with the matched timing, Architects 49 decided to expand specially new affiliated company named 'A49 House Design' by gathering skillful architects and interior designers who have been working and practicing with Architects 49 for a long time.

A49HD not only became a design oriented firm who works with passion to achieve the best solution but also differentiated itself from the others by focusing intentionally on the house from the biggest to the tiniest details, from inside-out. The company likewise pays close attention in order to repreent the taste of every client and satisfy them the most.

Constant searching and developing by following the philisophy ' Innovative Integrated Design' where all the private houses are built under the uniqueness, elegance and simplicity as well as intentional integration of knowledge related. Consequently, all the works becone a precious design not only for the owners but also for the community and better forthcoming architectural projects.

Our Approach

Our experience team, a number of which have been with A49 for more than 20 years, ensure the practical and economical aspects of the project, whilst the fresh ideas, from the younger generation, always make their way into the concept stage. The nature of this kind of team approach has long been our hallmark.


Our Work

The diversity of team give us the opportunity to work in a board range of architecture. On one end, our work can be modern with striking form, whilst on the other end, they can be contemporary, traditional and modern. We approach each project differently and believe that each one should have their own distinctive individuality.Awards

Architects 49 has, over the years, garnered a number of awards both locally and internationally, dated as far back as 1987.

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